Dane Kirby was born in August, 1970 and is a lifelong resident of Fannin County. His father Roy Kirby was a former Georgia State Trooper who served as sheriff in Fannin County from 1964 until 1972. His mother Johnnie Bradley was born in Gilmer County, Georgia and served in the Tax Assessors Office in Fannin County for many years.

 Dane Kirby began his law enforcement career in 1988 with his employment with the Georgia Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer at the Gilmer County Correctional Institute. In 1991, the Correctional Institute was closed and Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office moved their jail into that facility. Sheriff Kirby remained there until January 1992.

IJanuary 1992, Kirby began as a Patrolman with the City of Blue Ridge Police Department where he served until December, 1992.


It was in January 1993, when Kirby began his long-awaited career with the Georgia State Patrol. Beginning as a Radio Operator at Post 3 – Cartersville, he was responsible for radio support and communications for the second busiest patrol post in the state. This assignment covered Bartow and Paulding Counties, as well as over 30 miles of I-75 which averaged over 3000 traffic accidents per year.


Wishing to be more directly involved in service to his state, Kirby humbly offered his years of experience to serve then Governor Zell Miller. Upon approval of the Governor, Kirby transferred in August 1995 to the Executive Security Detail. This assignment involved the personal safety of Governor Zell Miller, his family, as well as the grounds of the Georgia Governor’s Mansion. He served in this capacity until the end of Governor Miller’s term January of 1999.


In January 1999, Kirby was assigned to Post 28 - Canton, which is responsible for Cherokee and Pickens Counties. At that time, Cherokee County was one of the fastest growing counties in the country. Due to the population growth, this assignment brought some of his first experiences with the battle against what we now know as “Meth”, along with many other drugs unfamiliar to this North Georgia community. It was there that he realized the importance of professionalism and training, not only for himself, but for those around him as well.


In October 2000, Kirby became certified as a Field Training Officer, an appointment made by Post and Troop Supervisors. Remembering his own experiences throughout his years of service, he became part of an elite group of Georgia State Patrolmen that were selected to train up-and- coming cadets. Training his cadets to keep personal safety first, Kirby also instructed his cadets to not only excel in the classroom, but to apply their training in a manner that would help them excel on the road as well.


 Kirby finished his career with the Georgia State Patrol at Post 27 - Blue Ridge in 2007. With his personal decision to run as Sheriff of Fannin County, his vast experience gained through his 19 years of law enforcement allowed him to professionally serve not only his state, but his home as well.


In November 2008, Kirby won his bid for election against a 4 term incumbent Sheriff. Having run on the values of professionalism, leadership, higher standards and accountability, Sheriff Kirby immediately began instilling these values within his office.


Early in his first term in office, Sheriff Kirby was appointed by Speaker of the House David Ralston to serve on the Georgia Board of Public Safety. This board is responsible for setting the general policy and overseeing the Georgia Department of Public Safety. Agencies include the Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. Sheriff Kirby also holds a seat on the control board of the Zell Miller Mountain Parkway Drug Task Force which is responsible for drug operations in Fannin, Gilmer and Pickens counties.


Sheriff Kirby is married to the former Rita Davis of Fannin County, where they are members of Hemptown Baptist Church in Morganton, Georgia.